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Partial Solar Eclipse 29th April 2014 images

NAS member’s images. Scott Alder’s image of the eclipse … 10275977_831666256848015_3381731889655854142_n

NAS president David Hough has some great images of the eclipse, link to images below… http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=120108 Some more images from David Hough

In short – we were short changed by the weather. After watching the cloud maps in real time and looking at the predictions I made a decision to go to Taree – in fact we ended up at Cundletown where it met most of my criteria – not that far away but far enough to buy some time, flat with western views.  Anyway the thrill is in the chase ;)


Capture 29_04_2014 4_21_56 PM Capture 29_04_2014 4_34_00 PM Capture 29_04_2014 4_36_25 PM IMG_3130 IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3148 IMG_3153


Past President Ghul Hussain
Hello All
When I saw the blue blue sky in the morning I thought to myself it’s going to be a great eclipse but as you all know weather Gods had different ideas.
I did see the start of the eclipse from the Horse shoe beach car park through my Corinado PST scope and so did my 4 and 5 year old grandsons.  Unfortunately the clouds got in the way.
I got a shot through my iPhone using the disposable solar specs, it is highly pixelated and one has to imagine the very faint ‘Bite’ just like the Apple Logo.
Better luck next time.  Thanks for sending the pics. Lydia

Hi, I went down to Warners Bay to view the eclipse and took a number of images and I could see the eclipse through my solar viewer and even showed some members of the public, one person had a piece of welders glass to view through.

But when I loaded my images to my pc I found that my images didn’t show the bite which was very disappointing.


Lydia Macokatic

IMG_3922 IMG_3949 IMG_3958 IMG_3965

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Ice In Space Astro Camp 2014

IISAC2014 is a star party organised by the IceInSpace.com community and held over 3 nights, from the 24th to the 27th April 2013, at Lostock Scout Camp in the beautiful Hunter Valley area of NSW. The location was chosen because of its proximity to Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle, and at under 4 hours drive from Sydney you’ll be among clear, very dark skies in a lovely country setting. For more information go to www.iceinspace.com


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Solar Images – NAS President David Hough

WHitelightSOL08022014FDCOLsubduedrs2col WHitelightSOL08022014FDCOLsubduedrs2I gathered many Gigs of data on Saturday – some fair, some rubbish.  This was an image born from 26 panels, taken with my DMK51 through a Baader solar wedge on my 127ED.  I did the usual processing and magic wand waiving after stacking in Autostakkert2, registax and Photoshop.  Personally for me it is the first time I have seen so many Sunspots on old SOL.  Since I got a tad sunburnt yesterday and still struggling with my cold I didn’t image today as I was not feeling the best – though I wished I did?  Anyway I hope you like them?



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Member images with new camera

Couple of photos taken last night. These shots were taken using Canon 6D and Williams Optics 132mm refractor.

These images are not processed, but they convey the beauty of Orion and the Key Hole nebula.

It was a good clear night. Ghul Hussain

Key Hole nebula sml

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Exploding star had been sighted in M82


An exploding star had been sighted in M82, one of the nearest big galaxies. The “supernova” (as such stellar explosions are called) was a special, rare “Type Ia” — the kind that led to the Nobel-worthy discovery of dark energy.

Type Ia supernovae have happened in our galactic neighborhood only three times in the last 80 years. Like astronomers around the world, we were excited to be at a world-leading telescope, where we could collect new information about this rare event.


images at space.com


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Amazing video of Solar Flare by David Hough


sun houghy

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