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Solar Images – NAS President David Hough

WHitelightSOL08022014FDCOLsubduedrs2col WHitelightSOL08022014FDCOLsubduedrs2I gathered many Gigs of data on Saturday – some fair, some rubbish.  This was an image born from 26 panels, taken with my DMK51 through a Baader solar wedge on my 127ED.  I did the usual processing and magic wand waiving after stacking in Autostakkert2, registax and Photoshop.  Personally for me it is the first time I have seen so many Sunspots on old SOL.  Since I got a tad sunburnt yesterday and still struggling with my cold I didn’t image today as I was not feeling the best – though I wished I did?  Anyway I hope you like them?



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Member images with new camera

Couple of photos taken last night. These shots were taken using Canon 6D and Williams Optics 132mm refractor.

These images are not processed, but they convey the beauty of Orion and the Key Hole nebula.

It was a good clear night. Ghul Hussain


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Exploding star had been sighted in M82


An exploding star had been sighted in M82, one of the nearest big galaxies. The “supernova” (as such stellar explosions are called) was a special, rare “Type Ia” — the kind that led to the Nobel-worthy discovery of dark energy.

Type Ia supernovae have happened in our galactic neighborhood only three times in the last 80 years. Like astronomers around the world, we were excited to be at a world-leading telescope, where we could collect new information about this rare event.


images at space.com


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Amazing video of Solar Flare by David Hough


sun houghy

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RIP John Dobson

The person that brought Side-Walk astronomy to the public and invented the Dobsonian telescope has sadly passed away. John was a true astronomer and his enthusiasm for astronomy was contagious. A true legend!

john dob


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January 12th Ha SOL full disk images- David Hough


  Full disk mosaic made from 17 frames saying goodbye to AR1944 .  17 images of 1000 frames taken with the DMK41 processed in Autostakert 2, then cropped in Photoshop, mosaic created in Photoshop then saved for processing in Registax 6 using wavelets and then final tweaking and crop and colour in Photoshop.

 houghy coronal magnetic loop

 A close up of a coronal magnetic loop a little left and above centre of David’s images.

14-01-14 15-47-53_g3_b3_ap3360c_fAR1953AR1950AR1954AR1948MOSAICCROPCOL image001 14-01-14 15-47-53_g3_b3_ap3360c_fAR1953AR1950AR1954AR1948MOSAICCROPBW

This takes in a very large chunk of the suns surface see here http://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity/sunspot-regions  .. this image has AR1949, AR1946 AR1953 and AR1950, the panel is made from 9 shots. DMK41 with Vixen 2.4 barlow lens 127ED refractor with Baader solar wedge.

Currently Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from a huge coronal hole. Expect aurora sightings this week.

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